Premium, Decadent & Simply Delicious Bakes

Gourmet Cakes
Baked using our delicious Vanilla and Chocolate Sponges
Gourmet Cakes
Decadent Butter CupCakes
Making the most Decadent Vanilla and Chocolate Butter Cupcakes are the main specialties at Sugared, using the best ingredients from around the world.
Butter CupCakes
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About Sugared

Sugared’s Patisserie was started with the sole mission/goal to bake the best, most deliciously decadent products for people who just love to have their bakes soft, fluffy yet moist and full of flavour. Made and Filled with only the best and most carefully sourced ingredients from the best sources in the world.

We take great pride and pay attention to the smallest details from the initial batter mix to the finished product. Our Team endeavours to ensure our finished bakes always taste and look their best to delight and tantalising the eyes, taste buds and tummies of all our customers.


What Our Customers Say

Gourmet Cakes

Baked into mainly 2 of our delicious Vanilla and Chocolate Sponges, our Vanilla Sponge has an almost ‘Cloud-Like’ texture, soft-pillowy feel and is moist and decadent to the palate, infused with the best quality vanilla beans never fail to draw rave reviews by our customers and is often compared to bakes from some of the best. The Chocolate sponge is so moist and decadent that its always a must try for first timers and a re-order favourite.

Decadent Butter CupCakes

The flavourful and moist cupcakes never fail to make an impression at any event or occasion. Constantly receiving rave reviews from our new and returning customers and their beloved friends and families of course.

Specialty Chiffon CupCakes

Another of our very popular cupcakes! Sugared is proud to continue meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. Complimenting the moist yet light and fluffy sponge of our hokkaido cupcakes, our handmade custard is slow cooked over the stove at the right temperature, to achieve that smooth texture, aroma and consistency before we blend it with our dairy whipped cream to achieve that taste and flavour all our customers have come to love so much!

Our Custard Cream is also core infused and kept in the chiller to maintain its freshness. It is finally dusted with snow powder prior to packing and delivered to our beloved customers. Great, Positive Feedback and reviews from our customers young and old is always the best affirmation and reminder we are doing things right!

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